At Capital Periodontics, we believing in giving back to both our local and global community.   Dr. Avi Shelemay spent the buy steriods first two weeks of February 2016 in Uganda treating patients in need of dental care.    This was done in partnership with Bridge To Health, a non-profit organization delivering critical dental and medical care to impoverished communities in Uganda, Africa.

Founded in Toronto, Bridge to Health – Medical and Dental is comprised of a passionate group of medical and dental professionals brought together by a common desire to provide healthcare to those in tremendous need. Our aim is to provide sustainable healthcare in a cost effective manner which will have a lasting impact on the communities we serve.

We currently operate in underserved rural communities of Uganda. In collaboration with KIHEFO, a reputable local non-governmental organization, we provide medical and dental care, improve healthcare delivery systems, train local healthcare professionals and educate the residents of these communities.

Dr. Shelemay is already planning his next trip to Africa – he will be volunteering again in 2017.

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