More Details on Dental Implants

All on Four (All-on-4) Dental Implants

All on Four Dental ImplantsMany patients have questions about all on four dental implants.  The “All on 4” technique refers to restoring an entire arch by anchoring a bridge on only 4 dental implants. Meaning all teeth on either the upper or lower jaw will be replaced. Often the All-on-4 method is offered to patients who still have their natural teeth.  This means the teeth must be removed prior to placing the dental implants. There has to be a very strong reason for removing teeth.  In some cases we encourage patient to save some of the teeth and pursue other treatment options which may include dental implants but are less costly.

While the “All on 4” technique has been around for many years, long term studies are still lacking. We prefer the term “All on X”, where X can be any number from 2 to 8. We believe in customizing our proposed treatment to the individual patient. Some patients place more stress on their teeth and 4 dental implants will not be sufficient to support their teeth, while others are quite content with traditional dentures and require only 2 dental implants to help stabilize their dentures. We are happy to review with you all your treatment options at your consultation appointment.

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