More Details on Dental Implants

Dental Implants – primobolan 200 por dragon pharma en espana methenolone enanthate Benefits

After living with dentures or without natural teeth, people have called dental implants “life changing”. Dental implants replace the root of your tooth and fuse with your bone.  Once the crown is put on (implant restored), for most patients, it feels like a natural tooth.  Dental implants have many benefits.  Without the root structure of a natural tooth present, the jawbone will shrink. Dental implants help maintain bone.

Since the dental implant is most like natural teeth, it looks better, and is more comfortable that dentures. The dental implant is stable and comfortable. With poor fitting dentures, speech can be affected, and eating may be uncomfortable. Dental bridges are another permanent option for tooth replacement, however, they rely on the adjacent teeth. The adjacent teeth need to be shaved, which compromise them, and may result in root canal treatment.  In addition, bridges are more difficult to maintain since several teeth are connected, making it difficult to clean between the teeth.

Properly placed and restored dental implants should outlast dentures and bridges.


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