More Details on Dental Implants

Dental Implants – Guided Surgery

Guided surgery is often recommended in order to make a more complex surgical technique simple and predictable. Guided surgery uses 3D information from a computerized tomography (CT) scans in conjunction with software to create a virtual model of the jaw. This helps your periodontist in virtual planning and creation of a surgical guide.  The guide helps in the placement of implants into ideal positions based on the local topography and final prosthetic outcome.

surgical guideAs a first step, your periodontist will take CT Scan of your jawbone for guidance in treatment planning. As a result of this information, a 3D model of your jawbone is generated, complete with custom digital teeth.

Your periodontist then uses virtual reality software to plan the implant surgery.  The periodontist will have a surgical guide fabricated, based on the software. In addition to more accurate implant placement, the surgical guide has the added benefit of less surgery time for the patient.  Since your periodontist has planned your surgery using the software, less time will be needed for the actual procedure.

Surgical guides are recommended for more complex cases, with multiple implants.  While surgical guides are a valuable tool, they are not always required.  At Capital Periodontics, we would not recommend a surgical guide for simple implant placements, as it does add cost to the patient and it is not necessary for straight forward cases.

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